Maria Beatriz Segovia

Maria Beatriz Segovia, commonly known as Mabe, grew up in Venezuela. She completed her studies in Miami, and became a licensed Esthetician and Body Wrap specialist. She is also certified in Clinical Oncology Aesthetics and is recognized as a Venus Legacy Champion which allows her to provide training and support to other treatment providers.

For over ten years, she has specialized in the skin care industry, during which she has gained experience in all aspects. This experience has allowed her to achieve positive results in anti-aging treatments, Micro needling, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Radiofrequency, Microdermabrasion, Peeling, and Ultrasound. Along with those treatments, she has been successful in correcting or reducing common skin conditions associated with Acne, Rosacea, pigment disorders, soothing, healing facials and treatments to patients suffering or recovering from cancer. This is achieved by selecting appropriate treatments and skin care products. MaBe specializes in subtle transformations, helping women bring out the best of their natural beauty.

She provides a wide range of treatment options using the latest technology and products for cellulite and body shaping. She is certified as a Venus Champion and is capable of providing support and training to other treatment providers.She offers treatments that are best suited for each individual’s needs. She makes sure every patient can feel confident in that they are receiving the most appropriate care for their needs. She understands that having skin or body-image issues can sometimes affect the emotional and psychosocial aspects of a person’s life.